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The company

Aristod develops innovative tools to ease the computer processing of mathematical formulas : writing, calculations, curves plotting.


The mathematical formulas are written as on the blackboard. They can be changed very easily.

Calculations and Dynamic Algebra

Calculations are done with gestures. They produce results and explanations.

Plotting and animating curves

Curves are drawn writing their equations(functions, parametric or polar). They can be animated writing animation formulas.

ARISTOD it's also :
Automatic checking of the students' calculations.
Playful quiz for maths and other domains, challenges.

Even more, it's a resources website with :
Ready to use resources
Open sources resources that can be modified by teachers
Resources that can be created by the teachers

The tools and services are free for non-commercial use.

ARISTOD is a startup company from the Laboratory of Informatics of Grenoble.

ARISTOD is composed of :
  • Jean-François Nicaud, retired university professor.
  • Christophe Viudez, PhD in education, engineer.

Aristod is partner of the European project MC², of IREM of Lyon and of IREM of Grenoble.

Our web applications for tablets, smartphones and computers

Write, create or explore

EpsilonWriter Creator is a notebook to make calculations with dynamic algebra (calculation of a formula - drag and drop calculation) and an application to run resources.
With Dynamic Algebra, you can directly calculate a formula and also do a drag and drop to calculate

EpsilonWriter Web is a web notebook make calculations with dynamic algebra(calculation of a formula - calculation drag and drop) and also an application to run resources. With it, you can also view and edit animated curves.

Train, understand algebra

Aplusix Windows is a Windows application helping to learn algebra and arithmetic. It checks the student's calculations. Its companions make ​​suggestions and calculations steps on request.
  Aplusix Windows has been developed at the Laboratory of Informatics of Grenoble
  Aplusix Windows is distributed by Aristod.

Aplusix Neo comes from the Aplusix Windows software for arithmetic and algebra calculations. It checks the student's calculations, detects the termination and performs some calculations. Students can save their work on the internet to show to a tutor.


EpsilonChat is an application to chat easily with contacts, using formulas and images, and to work with other people on LIVE documents.
A strong help for communicating with math.

Chat4Math is a very flexible application to chat easily using formulas. Also works as forum with possibility of receiving notifications.


TQuiz app is a web application for playing TQuiz. In this educational game, elements fall one by one from the top of the screen (like in the famous Tetris game) and must be placed in the right cells.

The epsilon-publi service is a service for running and posting resources for math, science and education.

The service provides access to resources: EpsilonWriter, TQuiz, Aplusix Neo. It allows teachers, using the EpsilonWriter Creator application, writing and uploading:

  • course notes,answer booklets
  • exercise sheets,
  • algebra calculation training exercises,
  • questionnaires,
  • fun quizzes,

epsilon-publi is the access point for the technologies proposed by Aristod.

Access to epsilon-publi